Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sheenjek & Denali : Alaska Poems by Ed Zahniser (1990)

Sheenjek & Denali: Alaska Poems
Ed Zahniser
Atlantis Rising Communications
Shepardstown, WV

This lovely chapbook, illustrated by Grace Oehser, was the work of one of the many co-founders of the poetry collective, Some of Us Press, which was instrumental to the founding and expanding of both LANGUAGE poetry and feminist poetry through the work of the individual poets involved. Michael Lally, Lee Lally, Bruce Andrews, P. Inman, tina darragh, Margaret Gibson, and others were at the forefront of these movements before they were even movements. And the Press was located in Washington, DC! Ed Zahniser was basically the financial "guru" (such as that word applied to poets) who oversaw the humble beginning of the Press.

This collection of Alaska poems was published by a small West Virginia press. The poems are touching in a Thoreau kind of way. Natural and earth-bound. The only zingers are delivered by Nature itself. Unpaginated. Great images. Great little book. Recommended.

I will be writing about Ed, and SOUP, again soon.

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