Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Lost Idols by Jackie Botterio (1967)

My Lost Idols
Jackie Botterio
twowindows press
san francisco, ca
(c) 1967

I was going to write about this chapbook in terms that I have before: size, page count, details and all that. But with this one I got caught up in that printed in November 1967 in an edition of only 130 copies and that the copies were only distributed to friends. Why? Well, the clue is found on the title page at the bottom:

Jackie Botterio

The young lady, all of 24 years old, died. This is her only book. Her remembrance. The fact that there are 5-10 copies posted online to be sold is heartbreaking. This young woman, this small press, deserves more than the briefest mention. I did a quick search of this blog and found a different chapbook by Twowindows Press : a 1987 chapbook by Joanne Kyger and Michael Rothenberg. By that time, the press was located in Berkeley. Apparently the press brought out close to 50 books over its lifespan. Not done digging but wanted to put this up.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Jamaica by Travis Cebula (2011)

Travis Cebula
pamphlet poets series no. 4
bedouin books

It's summer. Some folks like to think about going to the islands. Like Jamaica. It's the right time for it, you know? This tiny format chapbook is the perfect size for a quick read on a hot beach. The poetry captures a snapshot of a moment of a memory of an island few of us will ever reach. Very cool.