Monday, June 22, 2009


Previously, I had mentioned the chapbooks in the short series that was LiMbo bar&grill. I had all but one of the chapbooks and their broadside. Well, shortly after posting my last entry I located a copy of Ariel Dawson's Poems for the Kazan Astrologer, 1983 (#2 in the series). I located the copy on Amazon and it was going for much. So I quickly purchased it and then waited breathlessly for its arrival.

I had by that time realized what Ariel Dawson had done subsequent to the publication of this chapbook; an article by her on what she termed "new formalism" had led to the creation of a movement by that name, and among other things, the West Chester (PA) Poetry Conference which is a nerve center for this particular school of poetics. Funny thing was that Dawson meant the term as a dig and yet it's become an academic shield for those within its camp.

When the chapbook arrived, I noticed that the seller had not described the book well. There was writing on the title page. The seller had said there were pencil markings, which was true....someone had once priced to book in pencil but additionally there was an inscription in ink there and it was signed.....BY ARIEL DAWSON!

I wrote Ann Michael, the publisher, about the find and the inscription and it turns out that the copy I found was the copy from the poet to her inspiration - to her actual "Kazan Astrologer" - if ever there was a copy to have it was this one. It had the best provenance. Terribly lucky am I at times, and this would be one of them.

Psychedelic Magazine #1
Presentation copy
Printed in Japan
(c) 1982

this tiny 4 X 2 3/4" booklet is a visual book of some type. I can't really see what it was meant to be. It's Japanese with text - random collage text - in partial english. It's odd, it's cool. It's interesting; but I have no idea what it's "about".

Birds of Florida
Francis Wyly Hall
self published
Neptune Beach, FL
(c)1972 - 11th reprint

This seems to be an extremely successful self published chapbook, first published in 1945 this copy was from 1972 in its eleventh reprint. Illustrated throughout with drawings of books from the state of Florida. 34 pages. One color plate (inside front) the rest B&W. Very informative.

Thoughts and Memories of an Old Cowhand
Buster Lynde
self published

Handsome chapbook of rhyming poems about this cowpoke's life in the Wyoming area.

Unchained Verse
Anamika Huq Lilly
Dhaka, Bengladesh

The month of February in Bengladesh sees a month long book fair and this poet is well received there. My copy of this thin booklet is signed and inscribed in English and Bengali. It was printed in Dhaka. I find myself collecting books of poetry from around the world and won't be satisfied till I have a book published from every country on the planet.

Cheery Ideals
collected by Everett Thorton Brown
The Acmegraph Company
Chicago, IL

I got this book via ebay because I viewed a photo of this "chapbook" and the date of the book and frankly was unaware of there being "chapbooks" like this prior to the mimeograph revolution of the 1950s & 1960s. The book itself, all 63 pages of it, is a collection of inspirational phrases collected by Mr. Brown but the design and production of this chapbook is excellent. I did a quick Google search for info about the publisher and it seems they did postcards and other printing operations during this period of time. While the colors of the flowers on the front cover have faded over time, the construction of the chapbook is still a marvel to behold. The cloth tied binding looks like new. This is really something!