Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the Ann Michael stash

The poet Ann Michael is someone who I had been hearing about for some time in my Philly-based poetry chapbook history research project (long winded? oh yeah, the coffee is perking now). She had moved from Philadelphia area to outside of Allentown, PA at the same time I had moved from that same area into Philly. Cris-cross.

We exchanged email addresses and then years later, I got to hear her hear at a big reading in Washington DC during April 2009. She promised to send me "some stuff", and true to her word, early this month she did just that.

I got 3 chapbooks from her own imprint, LiMbo bar&grill books, and 2 volumes of work by her co-founder of that Press, David Dunn, who died of Diabetes in 1999. The books of David's work were :

Song to be Hummed While Sleeping, poems selected and edited by Ann Michael. Published by the academic & arts press of Pueblo, Colorado in 2001. A thin 20 page collection of Dunn's work. (I had not heard of this Press before receiving it)

the lock of land, 71 page book with illustrations by Wayne Hogan. Published in 2006 by Kings Estate Press of St. Augustine, FL.

The 3 chapbooks by Michael and Dunn's press were:

Notes for a Journey by Merle Molofsky. Printed in 1985. Unnumbered pages.

At Winter's End by Alfred Encarnacion. Printed in 1986. Unnumbered pages.

The Swan King a collaborative mythology by David Dunn and Ann Michael. Published in 1982. Book design and artwork by Harriet Jahr.

I also got Michael's 2004 chapbook, More than Shelter.