Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ezra Pound: A Critical Essay by Marion Montgomery (1970)

Ezra Pound: A Critical Essay
Marion Montgomery
William B. Eerdmans/Publisher
Grand Rapids, MI

Part of the publisher's "Contemporary Writers in Christian Perspective" series of booklets made during that period of time. 48 pages. Staple-bound.
Ah, yeah, there are and have been so many different topics covered in countless chapbooks. This is yet another. I am acknowledging the existence of this particular one so that I can immediately pulp it. Done, and done!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

In the Fold of a Hill by Desire Vail (2000)

In the Fold of a Hill
Desire Vail
Foothills Publishing Kanona, NY

This one of 3 chapbooks published by Foothills of Ms. Vail's work. Like many Foothills chapbooks, this one is hand-sewn and unpaginated. Foothills has grown beyond its Upstate New York origins. Unfortunately, it suffered a devastating loss a few years back when a fire burned down Michael Czarnecki's house. They have rebounded and continue to produce work to this day. They have been part of that under-acknowledged Upstate NY publishing community. However, I find their choices similar to those made by Finishing Line. Not always keen on the books they bring out.