Friday, May 20, 2016

Dump Truck by Keith Abbott (1967)

Dump Truck
Keith Abbott
Polygon Paperbounds
Monterey, CA

The most important thing to know about this chapbook is that Clifford Burke designed and printed it. Burke was involved in the San Francisco area publishing community immediately after the Beat Generation explosion through his Cranium Press. He is a well known and established writer and printer. Currently he runs Desert Rose Press out of San Jose, NM.

There is a bit of confusion about this publication history, according to Abbott this first published work of his was published by Cranium. According to the chapbook I am holding, it was published by Polygon Paperbounds which could have been one of Burke's imprints. One of 500 printed.
The writing shows great promise which has, over the decades, become fulfilled by many published works. As this is Abbott's first book, it is both rare and valuable. Worth finding. Worth reading. Worth having.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Poems from My Mother's Womb by Preston Webster (1967)

Poems from the Womb
Preston Webster
The Willow Press
Sausalito, CA

Cover image by Ann-Marie Webster, and quite a cover it is! With additional images throughout. 32 pages. Staple-bound. Commenting primarily on the fact of this book's existence since I don't favor the work. It exists! There was a press once in Sausalito - I am sure that there have been many, actually. Hurrah and all that.

Friday, May 06, 2016

The Wedding and other poems of war by Carolyn S. Scarr (1991)

The Wedding and other poems of war
Carolyn S. Scarr
Berkeley, CA
(c) 1991

This is an even thinner than a typical chapbook. Self published affair. 6 poems.

The poet has a number of small chapbooks self-published over the years. These days she can be found on Twitter.