Monday, May 01, 2017

two tiny chaps by Shawn Broden

I am not sure who sent two thin xeroxed chapbooks from shawn broden but I feel for the trees that were cut down to make them.


Shawn Broden said...

Perhaps the standard industry practice of putting one 12 line poem per page so you can fatten your book, starting with a paper larger than your selling so you can chop them down to a little size more desirable to hold (considering copiers can't normally print on anything smaller than a 8 1/2 by 11, unless your doing offset printing which you then have to make plates, nor print to the edges because that will ruin the drum faster), throwing out 100s of sheets of paper because of mistakes (all print shops do it, humans do run those machines) that won't sell, and selling books for $12 bucks a pop so you can make a profit in a industry that has a small and very specific demand. I work in the printing industry and use copiers I buy from other shops that would otherwise be thrown out, fix them up and maintain them myself so I don't have to pay some company per a click and pass it down to the consumer. For the last seven years I've been remanufacturing parts for blueprinting machines and repairing circuit boards down to the component level since I was 18 so don't you dare patronize me considering my whole working career has been about fighting a throw away society. If you don't like my poetry that's your right to express but to say it's a waste of paper.....I take what your industry throws away and make into something that makes certain people happy(obviously not you, I don't give a shit) for free. I'm a 25 year old who is eagerly awaiting your snarky mustache twirling reply.- sincerely Shawn Broden

Shawn Broden said...

Plus, too use 'thin xeroxed' as a insult which seems to be your favorite considering you've used it in other post........really? My father has always used a auto mechanic (I use him too) which is also a gas station and one day i joked about the bathroom. The door had to be slammed wood grinding wood as it scraped the frame, deadbolt to lock it (handle didn't work), toilet handle you had to hold down 15 seconds to father told me "It's gonna be you, the consumer, who pays for that fix up do want to piss in a golden toilet or do you want your car fixed well for cheap?".......So don't act high and mighty it isn't you who's paying for the quality of the books you publish, it's your customers.