Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hands-On Saints by Holly Iglesias (2000)

Hands-On Saints
Holly Iglesias
Quale Press
Florence, MA

A very good collection of prose poetry.

Yes, that was about all I was going to say about this chapbook. Generic grey cover. Edition key Satch(el) with an ISBN number on the back cover. Quale published prose poetry and this was one of their chapbooks that produced quarterly. There was an electronic version of this book available as well. Forward thinking for 2000? Indeed.

Prose poetry is a fickle fish. To the ear of someone raised on nursery rhyme poetics, it sounds strange. It doesn't sound like poetry at all. That's one of the many fault with our modern education system: the notion that seems to be reenforced is that the old ways are the best ways (of learning). I do not believe that to be the case but I am not an educator employed by the system I would be upholding. As there no single poetic form, there can be no single way to learn how to read or appreciate poetry. This is a fine example of this form.

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