Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Elyria:Point A in Ohio Triangle by Alex Gildzen (2009)

Elyria: Point A in Ohio Triangle
Alex Gildzen
Crisis Chronicle Press
Elyria, OH

I first learned of Alex Gildzen in 2008 when a poet/friend of mine sent me a copy of one of his earlier chapbooks. I was somewhat surprised to see this particular chapbook listed on Paperback Book Swap website since I don't think of chapbooks are items one can swap from there. I was not familiar with the Press but they seem to be pretty active in the North Central part of the state.

Staple-bound, unpaginated on copy paper (bleed-through) with a drawing by author (at age 6) on front.


John Burroughs said...
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John Burroughs said...

Thanks, Steven. I used to post copies of all our Crisis Chronicles chapbooks at paperbackswap.com to get free-ish copies in the hands of interested parties, though I haven't used that site in quite a while. You might be interested in knowing that we just published Gildzen's FULL Ohio Triangle as a perfect bound book. The Elyria portion has been revised/expanded since that chapbook came out, and the new book also includes sections inspired by Cleveland and Kent.

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