Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cocoon by Lindley Bhanji (1988)

Lindley Bhanji
Platonium Press
Seattle, WA
(c) 1988

Those of you who have read these many entries about chapbooks know that when I don't believe a book should have been printed, I say "SAVE A TREE". I am saying this as way of introduction to Lindley Bhanji's chapbook, COCOON. The first piece, tree's epitaph presents it all quite well:

please spend five minutes mourning
at this page, for the tree which
was killed to make the paper from
which you are reading this epitaph,
and from which you will read
the following pages.

The book contains poems and graphics by Lindley Bhanji and was designed by Chris Winkler. Unpaginated. Staple-bound. Interesting blending of image with text. I haven't found out very much about the Press or the artist. It's a well done chapbook.

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