Wednesday, August 05, 2009

chapbooks 34

the fishes of Nebraska
Jerry & Larry Morris and Larry Witt
Lou Ell : Photographer
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Lincoln, NE
(c) 1972

98 page staple-bound "chapbook" detailed listing of the fish that live in the watershed of the state of Nebraska. Color photos throughout of more fish than I had previously conceived possible for a state to have - never really thought about it. Then again I am not a fisherman

For those who are anglers, this is a great book.

Poems to Julia
Ilya Shambat
Shadow Ink Publications
Excelsior Springs, Missouri
(c) 2003

36 page chapbook. I Googled the Press; not terribly impressed with their operation. That's beside the point. Or perhaps that's exactly the point. No editorial control. How is this not a vanity press? I don't know. There are multiple chapbooks by a handful of people here. Friend of the publishers? One can draw their own conclusions.

This book feels like a xeroxed product. A tree was wasted making this chapbook. Beware what lurks in the "Shadow Ink".

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