Tuesday, July 14, 2009

fifteen false propositions about god - Jack Spicer

There's a bookstore I frequent in southeastern PA that has a dwindling collection of Beat Generation books and chapbooks from the private collector who has bought up chapbooks and books by Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg as well as lesser known members of that "generation". Among the material that is still there, I found this chapbook. 1974, Manroot Book, South San Francisco, CA. Cover design by Robert Berner. Unnumbered pages. The particular copy that I found, interestingly enough, seems to have some critical errors in it. For while the title of the chapbook is fifteen false propositions about god, the copy I have has only 13 such "propositions" as there is no #3 nor a #14. Each page where a numbered poem ought to be is blank.

Now, maybe, just maybe, all copies are like that. But I think I have an "oh-oh" printer mistake. Making the chapbook that much more rare. Potentially.

I am not the largest fan in the world of Jack Spicer, but a chapbook like this doesn't appear everyday so....

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Harold said...

wow. nice find!