Monday, July 24, 2017

Christian Liberty by Martin Luther (1967)

Christian Liberty
Martin Luther
Fortress Press
Philadelphia, PA

This is a booklet with a little (Philly) history to it. Augsburg Fortress is the merged Press that in 1967 was still an independent Lutheran publishing concern headquartered in Philadelphia. Fortress Press was the publishing arm of the Lutheran Church of America after 1962 when the denominations merged to make the "unified" Lutheran Church as it is known in the US today. The forerunner of Fortress Press was the Henkel Press which was named by the son of Paul Henkel. And suddenly we are in the 18th century. And one opens this booklet and they are in 1520 at the dawn of the Reformation.

I have, somewhere, another booklet by Fortress Press but I can't locate it at this moment. Amiss, shuckens and heck.

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