Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The elusive Jean Stair

Sometimes the find are so unique that the internets provide no useful information whatsoever.

Like these two - I got them from a Bookstore in Amherst, MA. The listing suggested they were Beat or New York School. I somehow doubt that. There is no publisher information which suggests to me that they were self-published. The Printer was located in Connecticut. They were both published in 1955. Whoever the poet Jean Stair was remains a mystery. There is no information about the elusive author here. This a mystery I will be attempting to uncovering for a long time.

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australophithecus said...

This might be of interest if you are still looking and haven't found it

from the Patent Trader of Thursday May 16 1957, and obit of Professor Bird Stair, 77, professor emeritus of English at City College in New York,

"Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Grace Stair, a poet and painter under the name of Jean Stair"

Can't post a link, but if you google the text you will find it.