Monday, April 13, 2015

EarDada #1 (2000)

editor: Re'Howse
Gardenia, CA
Volume 1 Issue 1

This staple bound zine was the handiwork of Re'Howse who, I believe, is alive and well and living in Louisiana where she is makin' some art. 15 years ago, she put together this tiny zine of art, prose, and poetry. A piece I wrote was in it. The concept of "flash" writing was already around and I wrote a piece that took only half the 50 words allotted. I called the piece
27 Left
Tattooed anarchy circle
on her neck.
Three piercings in right
Metal slash
industrial music
rattles the chandelier.
Her hand
jerks the wires
when she sneezed;

I even scored a Tshirt (a special EarDada shirt) which I wore out. There are so many small zines and journals out there. I just happened to be in this one. It was a pretty cool experience.

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