Friday, December 13, 2013

Familiar Sounds by Marjorie Sadin (2011)

Familiar Sounds
Marjorie Sadin
self published

51 page Kinko's special staple-bound chapbook. On the cheapest paper available. Lord in Heaven!!

Any chapbook that flirts with 50 pages becomes awkward. I can't imagine many copies of this one were printed. The poetry is okay, not stellar. No tree should have been felled for the making of this chapbook though.


schizoclaud said...

Familiar Sounds is an excellent book. Marjorie is a gifted poet.
Her poetry is deep and powerful!
I think it is Stellar and if you think trees should have not been cut down for paper to write it you are a jealous moron. Marjorie writes brilliantly and I think she is one of the best poets around!!

Claudia Anne Krizay

stevenallenmay said...

you are entitled to your opinion