Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A New Cold by Judith Soucek (1970)

A New Cold
judith soucek (illustrated by abigail pope)
University of North Carolina YMCA-YWCA
The Pitcher Poetry Pamphlet series #1

Interesting blending of illustrations by abigail pope with poems by judith soucek. They handled it well. 40 page staple-bound chapbook. First chapbook (pamphlet) in series. Ms. Soucek seems to have been most productive in 1970 when she had two books out on the same Press (UNC-YMCA YWCA) and not much since. The Press itself is not in operation currently. Perhaps it was her press or she was one of the founders of the imprint. In either case, the trail disappears in the underbrush of time.

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