Monday, November 26, 2012

House by the Sea by Penny Bihler (1975)

House by the Sea
Penny Bihler
From Here Press
Paterson, NJ

35 pages staple-bound chapbook. Penny Bihler was the romantic interest of William J. Higginson. Together they were intimately involved with the operation of From Here Press and Old Plate Press in the Paterson, NJ area from the mid-1970s till as recently as 2007. The cover stock and font are quite recognizable. Penny Bihler also was published as Penny Harter. A unique slice of New Jersey poetics.

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Penny Harter said...

Hi Steve, I just found this today while googling myself ;). Bill and I married in 1980, and his small press was called From Here Press, not Free Here Press.

Thanks for noting my long ago first book. At the time of its publication, we were not romantically involved. That came later.