Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Annson Kenney follow-up

received this from Peter Bushyeager, who co-founded Hot Water Review : "Annson and I went to Temple U. together. He was a year ahead of me. He majored in music and I majored in communications. We sang together in the Mens Glee Club (!!) and several years after school reconnected through the Philly poetry/art/music scene. I think he participated in one of the Poetry and Art Fairs that were done in the 70s at the now-defunct YMHA Poetry Center on Broad St. He was a funny, courtly, sometimes outrageous guy who was also cerebral and welcoming to other artists. He had a relationship with Maralyn Polak, the poet and Inquirer columnist.

HIs works in Hot Water are actually performance pieces and he performed some of them. He was involved with Relache, a new-music group that was active in Philly in the 70s and 80s (maybe still active, I don't know)"

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Merilyn said...

"I've never seen a Rorschach that didn't look like a vagina nor notation that wasn't ambiguous. This fact constitutes the sole saving grace of both pshychodiagnostics and the practise (sic) of representing musical events on paper" Annson Kenney, Symbiosis, One Given, Two Etceteras, 1964 (Woodwind Quartet) Study in Symmetrical Form
From his handwritten note on the piece.