Saturday, April 14, 2012

The involuntary Whispering of a Shuffling Box by Tom Katisimpalis (2000)

The Involuntary Whispering of a Shuffling Box
Tom Katsimpalis
Vanish Press
Fort Collins, CO

This is an interesting and complex chapbook, a wedding of text with image. The exact type of chapbook that I look for. Designed by Becky Hawley Design, this book is a beautiful example of what can happen when a poet has a visual element and when a visual artist has a text to work with. This is an artist book with text. Vellum flyleaf. Wood cuts or ink drawings on every page. Different fonts for every poem. This is an amazing and unexpected find.

I have never heard of Mr. Katsimpalis before and Vanish Press seems to have vanished as well but Katsimpalis now runs a company called Muse Consulting out of the same address listed in the book, so the active mind behind this book is still alive and creating in Fort Collins. It's a very complete chapbook and worth the look (there were 500 copies of this chapbook made, I have copy #60)

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beckydesigns said...

Hi Steven!

What fun to stumble upon your kind comments! This project with Tom was a pleasure to work on and was a true collaboration between the two of us. It's always great when someone enjoys your work. Thanks for your post.

Becky Hawley