Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After Robinson Has Gone by Kathleen Rooney (2010)

After Robinson Has Gone
Kathleen Rooney
Greying Ghost Press
Salem, MA

Staple-bound chapbook. Cover a movie poster folded and stapled, black plastic under-cover. I have received a packet from Greying Ghost in the past when purchasing one of their items. They are ephemeral-driven. Kitsch or classic, not sure. Intentionally historic or merely whiffing the past, not sure. Publishing good poetry, sometimes. These people are hopefully enjoying the heck out of their efforts, that much as the barest minimum. And they must be - every copy has a different movie poster cover!

#35 of 100 printed. This is less of a review than an acknowledgment. If you are familiar with Kathleen's work, you ought to get a copy of this chapbook!

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