Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Spermy": A Story For Little Children
Lois B. Chesebrough
The Marine Historical Association, Inc.
Mystic, CT
(c) 1950

This is a darling little kids chapbooks about sperm whales. Nice illustrations. A very cute chapbook. Published in 1950, printed at Mystic Seaport, near the dawn of the mimeograph era. Yet this is not a cheaply made chapbook. It's been lovingly put together. And for kids who LOVE whales, this is a handsome little book indeed.


prying1 said...

Don't know about that title though. Wonder why it is not on the banned books list.

wetarez said...

I got this book in 1959 at Mystic as a kid. I always asked my Dad to read it to me, was some years before I realized why he always chuckled..LOL