Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Scottish Cafe by Susanna H. Case (2002)

The Scottish Cafe
Susanna H. Case
Slapering Hol Press
Sleeping Hollow, NY

The cover is a perfect representation of a composition book. 37 page chapbook well-made by Slapering Hol Press, the imprint of the Hudson Valley Writers Center. The chapbook was the winner of their annual contest. All the same, it's glaring to see that her name was misspelled on the cover, title page, and throughout : It's Susanna, not Susan. Yet there it is: neon flashing MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE.

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Susana H. Case said...

Hi, It's spelled Susana, actually, but I have also gone by Susan, which is the spelling I was using at the time the chapbook was published. Slapering Hol Press is an extremely hands-on press and a mistake like that would never slip by their editors. I can't imagine it. But thank you for mentioning my chapbook. All their chspbooks by the way have very creative covers and beautiful design.