Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emily Dickinson: Profile of the Poet as Cook (1976)

Emily Dickinson:Profile of the Poet as Cook
with Selected Recipes
multiple authors
Amherst, MA

Fascinating subject! I had never thought about Emily Dickinson in this regard. The authors were all connected to the Dickinson Homestead in the Bicentennial year. A well researched and illustrated chapbook. 28 pages. Staple-bound. Text mingled with recipes. Pretty awesome indeed.


Jayne said...

I wouldn't have thought of her that way either! Thanks for this. :)

Lin Ann said...

I had no idea! Thanks, I'm going to take a look

Joseph said...

About this pamphlet: To every 19th century woman, bread making was basic. Emily Dickinson was no exception. In fact, her Rye and Indian bread and gingerbread made her more famous in the Amherst of her day than did her poetry.

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