Monday, January 31, 2011

Only as a Body by Jennifer Young

Only as a Body
Jennifer Young
Bateau Press
Northampton, MA

I love Bateau Press. I love that they are ecologically friendly, that their books are made with soy ink and that their offices are powered by renewable energy. I love the look and feel of their books. What's not to like?

Well, content; there's that. The whole El Lissitzky thing, his quote about how a book has to have good content as well as good visual presence. Yeah, well..... Jennifer Young won the Bateau Press 2009-2010 BOOM chapbook contest for this collection. However, to me it's a glorified batch of journal entries. I am not impressed. I tried reading the pieces aloud: no, still journal entries!

I am certain that my view is a minority one, but it's mine and I will stick to it - this is a wasted opportunity from a otherwise outstanding small press. SAVE A TREE!


Jayne said...

Hey - you've got a little gem here! I don't necessarily mean this specific post. Just lots of great info and writing. I'm going to keep poking. ;)

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