Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chapbooks 30

Poems From Some Latins
Leonard Cirino
Poetic Page
Madison Heights, MI

Sometime in 2008 I found a lot of chapbooks by unknown (to me) poets including Leonard Cirino. It was a lot of 3 chapbooks; 2 by Cirino and another which has been used in a book decomposition arts project. One of the two by Cirino was this 1992 handsome chapbook published by Poetic Page with cover illustration by Eduardo Smisson. 20 pages. Cirino has nearly 20 books out now, this was among the earlier ones. Very good indeed.

The Truth is not Real
Leonard Cirino
Adastra Press
Easthampton, MA

This small (6 1/2” X 3 3/4”) booklet is a single poem, beautifully presented letterpress printed chapbook. Fully illustrated. Unnumbered pages. This tiny book is a serious gem – look for it. If any books by Adastra Press are as handsome as this, buy them as well! This is near perfection of the art form. Highly recommended.

Swedish Music
Bo Alander
The Swedish Institute
Stockholm, Sweden

This finely made chapbook is actually taken from a larger manuscript by Paul Britten-Austin. Complete with photos, including an image of Jenny Lind who was remarkably well known in the United States during the Nineteenth century. 48 pages. Printed in Sweden. Very informative. For those interested in Swedish music, this is a keeper.

Watching Sparrows
Ronald Baatz
Kamini Press
Stockholm, Sweden

Another compact chapbook from Kamini Press with cover image by Henry Denander and it’s just wonderful . The copy I received is a bit of a tease for a big book coming out later this year called “Bird Effort”. Look forward to that. I like what Mr. Denander is doing with his little press.

The Geology of the South Unit
Theodore Roosevelt
National Memorial Park
Wilson Laird
Theodore Roosevelt Nature and History Association
Medora, North Dakota

This short chapbook with the long title comes as a reprint to a 1950 piece published in the North Dakota History journal. 19 pages. Stuffed full of photos, maps, and charts on the Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park. Written by Wilson Laird who served as State Geologist. Interesting bit of history and geology.

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