Monday, April 28, 2008

oh please, no (1)

just one this time

Four Short Plays
Wade Savitt
Green Zone
New York, New York

This has to be one of the worst books that Green Zone has brought out in years. SAVE A TREE!


bluehour1 said...

Dear Steven,
I'm very happy to find a chapbook-related blog! I have one as well-- I belong to an anonymous collective that will publish one chapbook a year, and distribute it free to subscribers. We are very excited about our first book-- new translations of Lorca poems with drawings by yours truly. We encourage people to follow our progress as we work on our project.

Please have a look at my page, and if you'd like to exchange links, I'd be happy to put a link to chap*books on our blog! I'm very new to blogging so please forgive me for posting this request in your comments field...

Thank you,

stevenallenmay said...

we are now linked