Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Framework by Jeff Vetock
© 1991
Axe Factory Press Phila., PA

The copy of Framework by Jeff Vetock was number 121 of 200 printed. The front cover sports an abstract image in the style of Mondrian. The poet and publisher worked together to create a chapbook that merges visuality with text that in their appearance on the page mirror the visual element throughout. It should not surprise the reader that Vetock quotes Gertrude Stein at the beginning of the book. A mere 20 pages, this collection is stuffed with thoughts, ideas, and sensory ticklers. As well the books has nice paper stock, and is in good condition. I like a well made book.
There are a number of collages throughout the text, all uncredited as is the front cover art. It is possible that all the art came from Vetock but I wouldn’t want to assume. I feel fortunate to have found a copy of this – a true merging of talents by poet and publisher. I wonder how many copies are still floating around?

Mindustrealization by Carl S. Kaucher/ "untitled" by Candace Kaucher

Midustrealization & "untitled"

I believe that trees should not be sacrificed in vain.
In the future, if I feel the efforts of the publisher or self-publishing ‘poet’ are not worth the paper that they are printed on, I will say so : SAVE A TREE

These two are the first use of this adage.

A Portable Bridge
(Poets’ Groove #11)
Sebastian Petsu
Self published Phila, PA

Sebastian Petsu is a multifaceted artist who has dabbled on putting down poets and stories as well. This volume marked the writings of his 2002 trip across the country to Oregon. It was printed in Feb. 2003. Red cover stock paper with twisted photo images on front. A great self-made effort. Another interesting chapbook of text with images. I especially like the piece ‘October 1969 (or 1999)’ . Very Cool.

I see a bright future for Sebastian.

chainbreaker : your favorite bike zine
new orleans, LA
2003 (pre Katrina)

In 2003, a group of New Orleans writers stopped off in Philadelphia on their way to New York. For them it was a roadtrip of writers hawking their considerable wares. Among the items was this 8 3/4 X 7 inch silver covered bicycle zine called ‘chainbreaker’. It’s very good. It’s a self-created publication and looks cheaply made. But the stories and ideas are solid and useful for any urban cyclist. Edited by "Shelley", this zine has more of a regional flare to it than a strictly New Orleans vibe.

Sadly, the city that produced this zine has been remade by Katrina and we can only hope that the writers succeeded and escaped the storm intact….with or without their 10-speeds.

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